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Photographing Your Artwork and Resizing Images It__™s a challenge to give artists step-by-step instructions for photographing, downloading and sizing their artwork, because everyone is working with different combinations of Mac, PC, Camera model, mega pixels and photo editing software.… Continue reading… 9 comments

Is Your Site 2009 Worthy?

by , January 3, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: marketing, self promotion

I sat down to write this article about how important it is to keep your site fresh and current when I remembered that my own site hadn't been touched in ages. Shame on me. It's under complete re-construction right now. Here's why: Your site is your brochure and your business card. You wouldn't keep handing out brochures that were outdated would you? It costs money to print new brochures and business cards but to update your site is FREE. … Continue reading… 4 comments

The Tale of Annie Artist Once upon a time, there was an artist named Annie. Annie was a painter, a very good painter. Annie brought her wares to craft shows and art fairs and all across the land. All the traveling took time and money and Annie wanted more time to paint. Annie__™s ___all across the land___ was small and she knew she needed to reach more folk (people) so she could sell more paintings. So Annie took some paintings to Ye Olde Local Art Gallery and sold a one or two to some patrons (art collectors). Lo, it was not enough.… Continue reading… 7 comments