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Cristina Tanaskovich

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Making art is something that has been for a long time a tradition, family plays a big part in this, it also connects with people! We all share experiences and the act of drawing and painting brings out the mind speaking loud in a form of shape and color, contrast and shadows evolving into something beautiful that audiences will react in an infinite ways, some more, some less, some not at all… Continue reading… 0 comments

I am so fortunate to have two members of my family involved with the arts, my father Gregory Fesko who lives in Youngstown, Ohio and daugther Joanna Tanaskovich-Linn who just moved to Cincinatti, Ohio. We have a great sense of appreciation for the arts, because we are artists, yet each of us has a unique style! When we get together we talk about art projects and future! Gregory Fesko was born in Romania, a beautiful country with great natural wonders, yet he belongs to a decade of many hardships the Communist period. He decided to emigrate to US with family, which at that time in early 80's Romania was under a dictatorship. There were restrictive rules, little food on the market, and limited living conditions… Continue reading… 0 comments

Project, Exquisite corpse

by cristinatanaskovich , January 29, 2015—12:00 AM

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Do you want something different and apart from the style you have? This is a good way to create art by having a fellow artists join you, by putting together your next big project. The Exquisite Corpse a practice that belonged to Andre Breton and the Surrealists. A group of people take turns and draw on a blank sheet of paper, just a portion, then cover so the next person can continue leave three tiny lines at the bottom where you finished drawing, like that, next artist will be able to continue, but not seeing what is drawn, when completed then you reveal the mystery! Voila!!! Recently my father, daughter, and I got together and decided to give it a try, three generations of artists had drawn leaving three lines for a clue, then the next person had inspiration drawing, and the third… Continue reading… 0 comments