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How to make classical oil painting skin texture on the canvas? As the wu mountains of oil painting, board painting or canvas, regardless of the demand elder line besmear brushs fundamental, for painting roots used in raw material by carbines and binding materials. According to the root of the gap between the raw material, a large swan painting bottom catholics there are eight major production of officials. Hotel canvas rubber soled. The contemporary masters often use animal glue, such as bone glue, glue rabbit. Best is parchment paper glue, usable water soaking, heating agglutination. This is the building of this root of the attribute. Left breast, chalky oil painting. Powdered chalk (calcium carbonate), foundation, each a glue solution assimilation… Continue reading… 0 comments

Oil painting is a color image, color is the main means of oil painting. Sketch is the basis of modeling, it is good. In the oil painting, the sketch is contained in the color, the object structure, the light and shade level, the spatial relations and the sense of quality and so on, are all expressed through the color. Oil painting tools in the use of color, color has obvious advantages, there is a wealth of expression. At the same time, the color requirements are more stringent, higher. In watercolor painting, the proper use of water can often mask the lack of color performance. The powder characteristics of gouache color, the color bright, bright, Run Run, but not to the mid tone rich and deep tone… Continue reading… 1 comment

How to deal with the contrast color coordination relationship between On the basis of practicing painting collection, hand should be good to find out the difference from close to the color, on the other hand, good at dealing with the coordination relationship between the different color contrast. Especially the combination of color, plays a very important role in a piece of the whole color structure. For example, in the indoor sketch, the object in a positive light, light is not strong, the surrounding environment is also reflective is not significant, then the relationship between objects of different color, became the most important factor of the relationship between color and color of the object… Continue reading… 0 comments