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Color is the main means of oil painting,Sketch is the basis of modeling

by sunbirdarts , March 9, 2017—12:00 AM

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Oil painting is a color image, color is the main means of oil painting. Sketch is the basis of modeling, it is good. In the oil painting, the sketch is contained in the color, the object structure, the light and shade level, the spatial relations and the sense of quality and so on, are all expressed through the color. Oil painting tools in the use of color, color has obvious advantages, there is a wealth of expression. At the same time, the color requirements are more stringent, higher. In watercolor painting, the proper use of water can often mask the lack of color performance. The powder characteristics of gouache color, the color bright, bright, Run Run, but not to the mid tone rich and deep tone. In oil painting, it is mainly rely on the power of color, the color problem is very sensitive in the oil painting, the color of the small defects and errors, will soon be exposed. Contact over a period of time to learn Comrade watercolor and gouache and oil painting, often have the same experience of this: first learn to learn watercolor and gouache painting, will still feel more difficult in color, and is not easy to correct the so-called "gouache taste" (color relatively thin); instead, learn oil painting to watercolor and gouache, mostly in color, the problem is not large, mainly to familiar with tool performance problems. It also shows the close relationship between oil painting and color. From the perspective of the history of oil painting, it is also the process of enriching and developing the expressive power and importance of color. Today, we come into contact with the more systematic, scientific painting color sketch theory, it can be said that in the practice of oil painting in the development and summary of the. Therefore, it is generally believed that color is a central issue of oil painting. To study the oil painting is to focus on the study of the law of color modeling, to develop a keen sense of color, to grasp the correct observation, analysis and expression of scientific methods. Enjoy the studio of Chen Wei students works Two, oil painting color of the three stages of development The role of color in oil painting and the method of expression, there is a process of continuous development. If we can sum up, it can be divided into the following three stages. From the beginning of the period of the formation of the Renaissance oil painting to the four hundred years before the appearance of the impressionist painting in nineteenth Century, the color of oil painting is still in the position of sketch. The oil painting color basically is in color and light objects, objects appear in light and dark, light and shadow color, basically is the relationship between light and shade, black and white, the color images are unified in the sketch relations. This period of oil painting is based on transparent painting. Transparent painting is the first to focus on the shape and shading, and then solve the color of a painting. For example, the characters in Da Vinci's "Mona Elisha" of the face and hands of the color, very delicate, soft, but from the performance point of view is apparently rich in shade color gradient was elected. Seventeenth Century Flemish painter Lubensi is a famous master of color, his works give a person with warm colors, rich and colorful and dazzling feeling. He has rich color imagination, pay attention to contrast hue and color, but in general he is still used to manage and control the sketch relations of color, the color is light and shade relations unify. In this period of landscape painting, the color from the sketch, in order to show the characteristics of solid color and light and shade, on the performance of the more obvious. The Renaissance of the landscape, although the space level changes has been the use of color to show the scenery, picturesque prospect with warm brown, medium brown green, blue gray with cold vision. But it is almost a program that plays a major role or values close to the contrasting, gradually decreasing grey prospect. This method has been followed. This landscape painting today looks almost monochrome sketch, color is dark, dull and the false, incapable of action obviously exposes the external light color and Yang Xiao objects under bright colors. Of course, this is not a complete negation of this period of oil painting, which is from the development process of oil painting color. This painting method from its characteristics, the performance of its object shape, light and shade, space and sense of quality, in the organization of color contrast, also has the very strong expressive force. Moreover, the form of a variety of styles, not a look, immutable. In four hundred years there has been a lot of color master, from the Renaissance Italy Venice School of Titian, seventeenth Century Lubensi, Rembrandt, Velazquez and Goya in eighteenth Century and nineteenth Century romantic Lord Delacroix, expression method of the oil painting color and color in the importance of oil painting and performance, is increasing day by day, the development, laid the foundation for an important breakthrough in the middle of the nineteenth Century oil painting color. Enjoy the studio of Chen Wei students works Nineteenth Century six, in 70s the emergence of French impressionist painting, oil painting is a major turning point in color. The Impressionists absorb contemporary natural science on color optical principle research, inherited the previous experience in painting color, add their own hard practice, aware of the close relationship between light and color, the color of the object is not fixed, the color of the object is the change in the specific conditions of light, environment, air the formation of various colors; the dark and shadow is not recognized.




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