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How to deal with the contrast color coordination relationship between On the basis of painting

by sunbirdarts , March 9, 2017—12:00 AM

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How to deal with the contrast color coordination relationship between On the basis of practicing painting collection, hand should be good to find out the difference from close to the color, on the other hand, good at dealing with the coordination relationship between the different color contrast. Especially the combination of color, plays a very important role in a piece of the whole color structure. For example, in the indoor sketch, the object in a positive light, light is not strong, the surrounding environment is also reflective is not significant, then the relationship between objects of different color, became the most important factor of the relationship between color and color of the object. Analysis of some of the famous works can also be found, the so-called color rich, mainly does not depend on the colorful canvas, or how many types of color painter. Rather, it is to find the exact, tightly buckled color structure. For example, in the colorful rich famous impressionist painter Renoir, his palette used only eleven colors (Yin Bai, yellow, yellow, cadmium Napoli Huang Zheshi, Zhu Hong, Qian, thick red, green, blue, green, like Qun Qing), he also said that the "yellow ochre, yellow and Brown is concentrated in Napoli middle tones can be canceled, because other pigments can reconcile these middle tones." If you subtract the three colors, there are only nine. The importance of color combination in today's ancient works, both classical and Post Impressionism Impressionism, since works, are important. Although the colors in classical works from the sketch is used to belong to, and main expression, but why some artists still give us color sense? Because the color combination in action. For example, the Venice School Committee Rosee works, seventeenth Century Flemish painter Lubensi, the Holland painter Vermeer and Spanish painter El Greco and other works. Although the impressionist painting focuses on the performance of color shine, such as Monet's paintings of Thames River's "London Houses of Parliament", basically by building blue purple, the three color. Numerous small strokes, small color, are all around the three large blocks, is the three color combination relations and enrich, to achieve real and vivid reproduction of the Thames River on the sun, fog, water color to add beauty of london. Fauvism painting is not to mention, in some of Matisse's works and maguer only a few colors, but due to a combination of appropriate and clever, is pure and rich, full of the charm of color. For example, Matisse still lifes "still life" blue on the table and maguer landscape "Kaifulaier port" etc.. Therefore, in the sketch object complex color, how to grasp the balance relationship between the total hue and color, find accurate and vivid colors, color painting is the basis of practicing another important problem in * *. To solve this problem, but also need to rely on the overall observation and the object color relations in-depth analysis, a specific way is to color in the palette on the combination of the repeated exploration and attempt. The advantage of this method is strong and forced myself to think about the relationship between color and can avoid the local details, consider, can get rid of blindness and enhance understanding. The color of the oil painting will not be dried quickly, it will not flow and permeate, and there will be no change of dry and wet, and it is easy to change on the palette. Found on the palette color combinations, color, color painting work is the future prototype structure, is based on the relationship between the color. To make yourself in the initiative, confidence, meaning before, make the picture color, fresh and vivid strokes. For example, the famous painter Whistler (1834 - 1903) used to recommend the student to draw a portrait of the palette color arrangement is this: a lot of white on the palette on the edge of the * *, it's left are sequentially arranged: ochre yellow, thick, brown, blue, a cobalt ore. The right arrangement: Zhu Hong, Venice red, Indian red, black. Sometimes put on thick naturals in Venice between calcined red and Indian red, and should be a pile out of the shallow tone paint color is good, put in place on the palette * *. From this piece of shallow color pigment position began to bend downward swing on a wide black pigment, has been extended to the bottom of the palette, black is the most used in deep black shadows. In this way, a good tune between light and black can spread color, harmony and all the necessary changes needed to obtain a solid color, tone, a variety of tone painting the portrait to appear until a palette of colors, a variety of tone painting the portrait to appear until a palette of colors at the same time, in the color palette; on the left, in the same way carefully, prepare a good painting background color as far as possible after anastomosis, you can use the paint brush dipped in full smooth painting on canvas. It is not easy to find a way to explore the relationship between color and color in the palette. Beginners often not accustomed to the busy * * on the canvas, eager to enter the concrete and the description of the local, edge, edge, edge, edge color painting on the canvas, tossing back and forth, painted to change, make the head to the ignorant. It's not just a matter of drawing a bad job.



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